Dr. Steven Theriault, BSc, MSc, PhD

Lead Scientist for Of The Earth Ltd.

Dr. Theriault is a Manitoba scientist, educator and entrepreneur with 20 years of research and business experience in generating biological solutions. As Chief of the Applied Research Program at the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health, he worked extensively at the global level on issues related to working safely within laboratories and disease outbreak zones. Dr. Theriault was a member of the team that created the reverse genetic systems critical to the development of the Canadian Ebola vaccine as well as many novel and innovative diagnostic tools to aid in the fight against Ebola. As a popular professor at the University of Manitoba, he has taught numerous courses in microbiology, cell biology, immunology and virology. Through his private laboratory, Dr. Theriault has commercialized his discoveries related to bioremediation and pathogen reduction processes.

Dr. Theriault’s research interests have turned to combating antimicrobial resistance using his innovative, cutting-edge technologies. His company, Cytophage Technologies Inc., creates tailor-made bacteriophages that are inexpensive, quick to produce, harmless to humans and animals, better for the environment and highly effective against bacteria. Dr. Theriault and his team are on a mission to use bacteriophages in new and innovative ways to treat illness, reduce suffering and ultimately avert the imminent health crisis facing our world.

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